Peace Sweater # 4

I didn’t post last week, though I did knit. I was accompanying the 7th graders from a local middle school for their solo contest on Wednesday, so had some early mornings for practices at the school. That, and last week’s stress crimped my evening mojo a bit!

As I study my work so far, I am pretty pleased. There’s only a slight amount of wrinkling across the body, so I think that it will steam up/ block very easily. 

I was here:

Now I am here:

The big news is that I have completed Diagram B and have a solid start on Diagram C. I  celebrated with a new color of highlighter. I must say making a copy of the diagram and using the highlighter has eliminated all those “Where am I now?” Moments, and helped me a BUNCH! Isn’t is funny how a very simple thing can really make a difference?

Pattern: Dale of Norway Peace Sweater DG 1501

Yarn: Stroll fingering in white and wonderland heather by Knitpicks 


9 thoughts on “Peace Sweater # 4

    1. So true! I’ve been fretting about whether I picked the right size, but now that I’ve got half way up, I think it will be fine.

      I was also starting to wonder if I really had enough contrast, but I was hoping for something a little more subtle than typical Norsk sweater colors. I think this will work now that there’s more of it.

      However, I am thinking it may be time for a break with a quick dishcloth or something.😆

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    1. Thanks Claire! It has been surprisingly easy to keep track. The pattern has a rhythm to it that is either well designed or just works with my brain. I have only had a few times when I had to pull 10-15 stitches; for some reason it is easy to catch a mistake early.


  1. This is going to look stunning. Can I query the colour please; it says Heather but on my computer it looks like very pretty blue-ish turquoise shade. I know designers can pick odd names for colours but I am wondering if my computer colours are set right lol. I hope so as I love the colour I see.

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  2. lol I think of heather as shades of purple – so glad you said its blue – aqua shade as I was worried my computer was really off on the colour. I know like tv screens if the computer isn’t set right it can distort colour. I know now its ok. Thanks Kathy x

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