Fitting Alone…

I’m working on Simplicity 1541, which has a yoke and contoured waistband. I’m seeing it Ina cotton twill, which is a tester for some wool I plan to use later.

Because this pattern comes with 1 inch seam allowances, I just cut out the straight hip version, but alas it doesn’t fit like my pants from the same series! So I started basting out in 1/8 increments, and we are finally almost there. How very annoying, but I was actually treating this like the muslin for the wool I plan to use, so I’ll just keep after it. I may to take out another 1/4″ of ease.

I have a high hip (nearly an inch) and kick pleats are never 100% successful! but I never stand still for long, so I don’t get too excited about trying to make them hang perfectly. Once the adjustment is made, they look better, but they are always a little off. These photos have no adjustment yet because of the yoke; I wanted to see which seam would work better, and I’m thinking the bottom of the yoke. I’ll start by taking 1/2-3/4″ out of the skirt at the yoke seam, possibly anothe 1/8″ on top, and then pin the hem straight from the floor. 

This is looking pretty good. I think I can pin out the hip now, and do a final check with the finished waistband, before pinning the hem….I hope!

Fitting is so much easier with a helper. Had a girl been home, I would have pinned the skirt on, and saved some time. Next time, I will double check those ease measurements and not assume; I just wanted to get started sewing, and it obviously wasn’t the most efficient idea…I’ll blame it on all the chaos this week.😆

I’ve spent much of my weekend fiddling with Ms Necchi. She is unhappy, likely due to all the quilts and flannel, in spite of a thorough cleaning. She really prefers the metal bobbins from my Gran’s ’56 Necchi, and I don’t have very many of those. She hated the zipper foot, so I did a hand picked one…not the norm for twill, but I was done trying to cajole her into sewing a decent seam on something other than the two layers of twill. She is sopersnickety, I may have to give up doing it myself and send her in to the shop. 


13 thoughts on “Fitting Alone…

  1. Very good, you have far more patience than me. I made clothes for myself in my late teens and early twenties (so a very long time ago) when my then future mil, who made all her own clothes, would fit them for me. I was never satisfied with anything I tried to fit myself into, so gave up. I often think I would love to do some sewing again but then worry that the cost of a sewing machine may just be a wishful extravagance.

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    1. That’s a great question! When you look at the photo, can you see that the waistband is not typical, but comes down further and gives the skirt a little more pizazz? That is the yoke. It could be any shape, and is also found on shirts…like a western shirt. Does that help a bit?

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    1. Impatience hits me too! I know that a muslin is worth the time, especially for something special or expensive, but they can be discouraging too, especially for something like this skirt. The twill holds up well when I rip and by basting at 4, it’s not really ripping. I wrote notes on my pattern pieces, and I’ll pin baste the wool just to be sure when I make it up. 😊

      In this instant, I was really after some instant gratification, so a muslin would have been a bad idea!


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