Sew what?

Hmmm….yes, I have the Splendid sampler  quilts in the works, and a coat for Girl#1 on the books, but now it is time to do some more  sewing for me! No occasions coming up, so it will be something I can wear to work…I think I’ll give this pattern a whirl. It needs a test run before I use it on some lovely brocade wool I found at the Fabric Warehouse in Mitchell, SD;  I’m sure it’s the fabric mecca of the US!!!! Haha!

I have two options for my trial run, a plain slate gray twill, or a mini  houndstooth check in gray and charcoal. I have enough of each to do a skirt or pants…hmmm. While doing the pre wash, I discovered or rediscovered that the mini houndstooth has a bit of stretch…perfect for pants, so the skirt will be the twill.

So not the most exciting project, but I envision this being a wardrobe staple. I have plenty of wool skirts, but not much in the mid season category, so this will be a welcome addition. 

A great project for this weekend!


7 thoughts on “Sew what?

  1. Lovely plan! Have you considered sewing for your future career? There is a woman in my town who has done sewing for people for years. She’s done everything from sewing on a button to making a wedding gown (for her future DIL). All her business is from referrals. It’s a thought.

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    1. Actually, I have been thinking about that as a possibility! I’ve done just a little custom sewing or alterations in the past,so it is definitely worth serious consideration. I would love to be able to keep my own schedule to a degree, after so many years of evening, weekends, required travel, I am hoping for more of a contained situation unless I choose the hours!😝

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  2. Sewing as a career is very different from sewing as a hobby. I am a fully qualified bespoke tailor with some experience sewing as a main occupation. It is very hard to make a living if this is your sole income. I only take occasional orders now and mostly just sew for family, that’s much nicer (I went back to my other job for money). Consider this: in order to earn a living, you need to be making at least £15 an hour, that’s what you need to charge your customer to survive. How many hours does it take you to make a skirt? A dress? A coat? And don’t forget the initial interview and all the fittings, everything included! And materials are again an extra cost for the customer. Would you, as a customer, pay that much for the said skirt, dress or coat, even if made especially for you? You do the maths. Or take alterations: how long does it take you to replace a zip in a pair of jeans, including the unpicking of the old one? Can you really charge that much?

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  3. That’s a great-looking skirt! I think doing a little sewing for others, to bring in some extra $$, is a nice idea but I’d hate to see you do so much of it that you lose the fun. I bet you could teach sewing as another way to make money–if I were nearby, I’d take lessons from you, for sure!

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    1. Kerry, I’m thinking that too, with some custom work thrown in. I’ve had people approach me about knitting too, which I’m not too inclined to jump on, but I’m not shutting any doors this early on. A little time will really sort things out.


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