Walk by Faith

The story opens as a fifty something woman is informed she will no longer be working for her employer of 27 years. The adventures that follow are funny, sad, happy, but show her and those around her that there is indeed a plan. 

Yes, this is now my life. Last Friday I was informed that my contract wouldn’t be renewed in July. No warning, no redirect, just no contract. Yesterday  the same thing happened to a colleague across the state. Today we learned that as contract employees, our boss does not need a reason to recommend non renewal. We can file a grievance to try and change his mind…his boss has encouraged us to do so…really?! I’m a farm girl, I know what manure smells like!

Still, I am thankful for a friend who truly understands, even as I am sad that anyone else has to experience this. 

God was not surprised by this…He has a plan for me, and while there are parts of the day when I’m still pretty angry and feeling betrayed, I am comforted by the knowledge that my Heavenly Boss knows exactly what I need. There are so many decisions to make in the next week…we covet your prayers for wisdom and clarity. We walk by faith.


19 thoughts on “Walk by Faith

  1. Oh Kathy! I am so very sorry to hear this. I have real reasons to be concerned about that very issue at any given time. I will pray that God makes the path before you straight as an arrow and well lit so you know exactly where He’s leading you next.

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  2. How difficult this must be for you, Kathy. Somehow things always seem to work out for the best, although sometimes it takes a while to realize it. We cannot know what the grand scheme is for our life, but we do know there is one! Godspeed to you as you work through this unsettling time…

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  3. That stinks! 27 years and not so much as an explanation? You’re a lot more philosophical about this than I think I would be but I’m glad you are confident that things will work out. I hope you’ll keep us posted!

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    1. Oh believe me, there have been some scathing drafts of resignation letters! I have written them in my head and on paper and ripped them up! My angry, vindictive side deflates pretty fast when I think about all my kids and volunteers. I was not nearly as calm a week ago, but I do believe that God has something better in store, and I have realized that the burden has grown much larger than I had realized. And, for the first time in over 30 years I might get to actually have a summer!!


  4. My heart goes out to you! I, too, went through this….I worked HARD, respected my employers, loved my work, but still…. And yes, there IS a reason and you do indeed have a path. Kathy, this appears to be a rough patch but there is indeed a reason for everything. Hugs to you and DO enjoy your summer!!!!!

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  5. So sorry to hear(read) this! This is really hard for me to understand!! As a wife of a man who owns his own business,I know how hard it is to find good faithful ,honest workers. When we find one we hold on, because they are important to a business! I agree that God does have a plan for you. I’ll pray for you as you find that plan.😊

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  6. I went searching for this post this morning because the same thing happened to me 2 weeks ago. There is a small severance package which hasn’t arrived yet so I sure didn’t want to post any details on my own blog but one of the first things I thought of was this had just happened to you. As it turns out (I’m in corporate America, not education), they laid off what sounded like a lot of people that day. My boss, who was just 3 months from turning 65! And plenty more people that I had worked with, some for close to 20 years. But it opened up several other fantastic opportunities and for that I am so grateful.

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    1. Oh my! I’m glad there will be some severance, and you are excited about school. Today was supposed to be my last day, but I had to leave shortly after 3 today, and it and had awards for two events all over my office and stacked down the hall. So I guess I’ll be volunteering tomorrow…😳
      DId they have you clear your desk and leave immediately, or did you all have a little time? You have had so much to deal with lately, will you have some time to breathe here? HUGS to you!!!


      1. I’ve worked from home for the past decade so at least it was done on my own time and schedule. They only gave everyone 2 weeks’ notice. I feel so bad for my boss; he’s having a time getting signed up for Medicare (he’ll be 65 in a matter of weeks) and he has a whole different set of issues to contend with. That is *very* nice if you do end up going in tomorrow. It’s been a crazy year so far, hasn’t it?

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      2. That must be a real mess for your boss. At least you didn’t have to clean out your desk and walk out the door. I’ve been cleaning for a month; this week I found Girl#1’s “work tablet” from when she was 2! This has been a vey crazy year indeed!

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