Peace Sweater #3

I am still working my way up the main body of the sweater. Nothing very exciting, just a lot of stitches. One thing I can share that might be helpful is how I mark my finished rows on this project. To keep myself straight, I’m using a highlighter. When I finish a back and front row, I highlight them. When I stop for the night, mid row, I highlight the stitches I’ve completed. I have found this not only helpful in keeping myself straight, but also motivating!

My news flash this week is that I have almost used up my first skein of white, and just completed my 3rd decrease on the hip. This is definitely snail pace knitting, but it has been nice to not have a deadline in the sewing room, although the project has started to develop again.😃

I haven’t decided yet whether I want to cast on something straight forward as a balance to this sweater. I think I’ll wait until I finish this diagram; since there are nine more after this one! 

Pattern: Dale of Norway Peace Sweater DG 1501

Yarn: Stroll fingering in white and wonderland heather by Knitpicks


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