Girl #1 Will Not Freeze

I know you were all on pins and needles to know the outcome…lol! The coat was finished on Wednesday, in the mail on Thursday, and being worn by Saturday. Girl#1 reports that it is comfy, and the extra 3/4 inch I eked out for each sleeve was definitely worth it! She loves it and I’m glad she is no longer wearing a coat with gaping holes!!

Just a few pictures of the details, which I always forget to do. I was glad to get a picture with the coat on the actual person…laying it on the bed made it look like it was a bit of a mess.


12 thoughts on “Girl #1 Will Not Freeze

    1. She is, inside and out! We are so blessed! I had a wonderful sewing mentor while in 4-H, and she really helped to see that I could do anything if I took it one stitch at a time. Before that, I went too fast, and then messed up to the point I couldn’t correct it. She was a great coach and had vast knowledge. 😊 After that, it is a matter of practice, just like knitting, the more you knit the easier it becomes and the better you get! Thanks!

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