Nordic Needle Contest

One of my long time goals has been to participate in the Nordic Needle Hardanger Contest. I finally completed a piece last year, then forgot to do the paperwork, so this year I am determined! All it takes is a little time on my part. I have no illusions of making the pattern book, mind you, but I want to participate. This store is a huge reason that people across the country know about this form of stitchery, and I love the idea of being a part of that legacy. dscn0575

So, I have pulled out my piece and taken the required photographs and completed the entry form. I will print the best photo and send it off. My piece is very traditional in size and shape, with a variety of stitches in the diamonds and some edelweiss flowers done in the very center.




22 thoughts on “Nordic Needle Contest

  1. Wow Kathy, that is beautiful. I can remember, even as a young girly when I started embroidery, that I wished I could do hard anger, but I have always been afraid to even try. I still am. Therefore I admire your beautiful work!!!!!

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