Red, White and Blue

Yes, I’m beginning to see it in my sleep! I am going to be ready for a new colorway laying around my sewing room when the Splendid Sampler finishes its run. But I’ll say it now, I will likely choose some of my favorite blocks to make a Christmas quilt or something with. I have learned TONS during this process, and have loved most of it!

So, where are we at these days?  I’ve stayed up to date on the final blocks, so first, you can take a peek at them….it is hard to believe that there are only three blocks left! WOW!

…here’s the first 25 in their setting, ready to be sandwiched…..


….I cut out the red sashing, but it didn’t work with block 26-50. They needed a mid tone blue, but the one I had just seemed too busy. Problem solved today when I stopped by the quilt skip and picked up this tonal blue. I think works really well and doesn’t detract from the blocks.


The next batch of blocks look good with the red sashing, so maybe I can finish two tops this weekend…or at least sash them.


12 thoughts on “Red, White and Blue

  1. I didn’t have the time until Girl#2 went to college, so give yourself a few years! You knit all the time, and that’s plenty for right now in your life. Some day you’ll have the opportunity to try it!


    1. Thanks! I am excited to share the two I finished over the weekend on Friday. It is so neat how one in particular has all sorts of blocks that remind me of things I have in common with one particular friend! I’m now sorting out the bindings, and hope to pick the sashing for the final 25 this week. 😊


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