Winter Gardening

In western South Dakota, December and January are the dark months. The photo at left looking out my front window at  6:20 on a fairly clear morning! The sun rises about 7 am and is setting by 4:30. I am thankful for the Christmas lights in December because they dispel some of that dark feeling. January brings the new year and new things, which helps too, but it’s just dark! Weirdly, the evening lengthens first, yesterday we had light until 5:15.

When I spent my time in Norway, it was darker…sunrise around 10:00 and sunset around 2:30, but the houses in Norway seemed to compensate with a brightness that we don’t seem to have in our house designs here, at least in the 50+ year old house we live in. Sewing is a great way to pass the dark hours, but that’s not what this post is about….:)

The real question we have been pondering this winter, is what to do for the lemon trees? They are tropical, and while we can certainly keep them warm, the sunlight situation has been troublesome, especially with the snowstorms and cloudy days that really added up in December. My DH is always moving the lemon trees to the sunlight, and on cloudy weeks he has put them under a regular light to at least add warmth to the meager sun that comes through our picture windows. Our goal at this point….that they survive the winter, and I am now guardedly optimistic that they will. Assuming we keep them going, next year they will get a grow light to help them. We just weren’t ready to invest in the size we think we’ll really need if they died off within the first year!

We have added a new member to the tropical family this past month. We now have two grapefruit babies sprouted!! The mandarin orange is still in hibernation, with no sign of life, so that may be a bust.

The older lemon trees looking at the snow!
This little guy is compact but growing lots of leaves.
Tulips…hope they decide to pop up soon.
The new additions: Grapefruit trees!

I’m loving all the pictures of sprouting snowdrops and crocus, but I admit I’m a little jealous too! From the look of it, we are in for at least another month of snow. ⛸


8 thoughts on “  Winter Gardening

  1. The trees are looking good! A grow light would be a plus ,as there wouldn’t be quit the light shock come spring time. Another month of snow?!! Oh dear… I’ll feel for you now,then come summer ,and temps are hot here you can feel sorry for me. 😀

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    1. Truthfully, I couldn’t deal with your humidity! Som years I can actually feel the difference when we cross the river. It’s like a giant curtain! I’ll take our summer heat any day over yours, but I guess it is what you are used to! 😉


      1. Yes, a body does adjust to the humidity,as a matter of fact I get a terrible laryngitis cold when I go to visit where there isn’t the humidity. I become the whispering guest.😏lol

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  2. Wow! Your citrus trees look great. We first had a lemon tree that lost all its leaves the first winter in this house. Then my husband started a lime tree and it never did well. I think I might try an orange tree next but I don’t have much expectation.

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