Peace Sweater #1

I have wanted this sweater for years. I loved the shaping, the trim, the fancy sleeves, it is everything my stranded knitting heart desired. Unfortunately, Dale of Norway didn’t publish the pattern like they usually do with their ski team sweaters. (This was the Olympic team sweater.) I kept looking, and hoping, and last year I learned that they had released it, free to download!

Armed with the pattern, I was ready to hunt some wool. At first I was thinking a celery green and white, then my normal fall back of some sort of purple or blue. I kept watching the yarn sites, hoping to pick up the superwash baby wool for a reasonable price. There were sales, but not enough of the color I liked, or not enough sale. Last August, I hit the right combination, and picked up the necessary yarn during a KnitPicks sale…the colors….white and Aqua! I chose their Stroll sock yarn, which is 75% superwash merino wool, and 25% nylon. Sometimes wool gives me a rash, or feels scratchy, so I make my own rash, but this feels amazing! Not quite as soft as a rabbit, but getting really close. And if you haven’t experienced the softness of a rabbit, you must before you die! Girl #2 says it’s like petting a cloud…😊 (toddler wisdom you know.)

The wool arrived, but I had no room for a new cast on or project. It was not until the latest three day weekend that I felt I could actually begin. Oh. My. Goodness! I think I maybe knitting a cloud! Good thing, because this sweater is complicated. I’ll be happy as I inch my way along, literally. I am knitting a small, and I have 242 stitches on the needles. The needles are 3 mm, and they feel like sewing needles after using size 8 clunkers to do those quickie dish cloths!dscn05481

I expect I will have to insert a pair of socks and a dish cloth or two in the mix just to break it up, but I am hoping to have this completed for September and the wool contest. For now, I am attempting to get 3-4 rows each evening and not worry about how fast I finish. The pattern is already getting easier to work, so I may be able to double my output eventually.

Do you have an epic project that you want to finish this year? If you do, let’s link up and keep each other motivated!



13 thoughts on “Peace Sweater #1

  1. I love the Dale of Norway sweaters but, given my lack of knitting skills, I’ll need to buy one! You are a great lover of epic projects, it seems! I have a big quilt to finish hand quilting (that red and white one) but no other project that must be done this year.

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