Book Review–The Winter Palace

So you all may have noticed I’m on a bit of a posting plan here, at least for January! Thursday’s posts, when they occur, will be about books, another one of my great loves. I read lots of stuff, and this year have challenged myself to read some new authors and to pick up another five or six classics as well. You might see some commentary here, or just a brief rating.

I’m still pondering the first new author I read this year. Eva Stachniak wrote the Winter Palace in the first person, narrating from the main character’s point of view. She is an orphan who comes to the palace while Elizabeth was Empress of all the Russias. The story focuses on palace intrigue, spies and the story of Sophie, renamed to Catherine, who eventually became Catherine the Great. Honestly, the story ran a little slow, and didn’t really grab me, though I did finish the book. Mainly, I kept wanting to just google Catherine the Great and skim her biography online!

Do I recommend it? If you are a die hard historical fiction fan and are fascinated with court life in the later 1600’s, you’ll love it. Not sure that I will be looking for more of he books…maybe read a sample of another one and give her a second chance…


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