Skaugum Finish

The knitting isn’t really that hard, it’s the finishing that will make you scream! That’s probably too dramatic, don’t you think? So here’s a pictorial review of how to finish this sweater…First, the directions say to dampen the knitting and give it a gentle steam. Amazing how that neatens everything up!


dscn0526Next we run four rows of very small zig zag where the steek will occur. How long should the rows be…oh it doesn’t say…so we measure EACH sleeve. Just because they have the same number of stitches doesn’t mean they will be the same…at least that’s how it goes with me knitting! Now, is it better to stretch the sweater or stretch the sleeve? Unlike sewing fabric, I think we should stretch the sleeve, but only if necessary. Now for the moment of truth…..get the scissors, and do NOT close your eyes!!


Shoulder seams…that’s pretty straightforward. Nota Bene-this pattern left part of the shoulder as stitches. After working this, I would never do that again. Personally, the shoulder looks pretty messy. I should have bound off and done a seam.)

Time to set in the sleeves…are pins recommended? Who knows, but they make me feel better, at least until they fall out! And, thank you again, Splendid Sampler, because of you my back stitch is now pretty nice looking if I do say so myself!

Now to pick up the stitches for the neck. Ribbing is actually quite relaxing to knit, and knowing you are nearly done makes it even better!

Sew down the edge, and we have a finish!


Pattern: Skaugum from PeerGynt Garn
Yarn: Wool of the Andes sport by KnitPicks in Currant, Oyster Heather, Aurora Heather and Solstice Heather



16 thoughts on “Skaugum Finish

    1. I think it was developed to make sweater production faster, since you knit in the round most of the way, and those Scandinavian women did knit like fiends. I heard tales of my grandma doing a pair of long socks or mittens after supper, while she read a book!

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