Hardanger Bookmark

I love hardanger and I hate hardanger. I love looking at it, and I love stitching it when I finally make it all the way around the piece and have correctly counted my threads. I hate it when I am ripping, and there is usually  quite a bit of that if I am out of practice! Right now, I am definitely rusty, so over Christmas I stitched up a little bookmark for my “Book Anaconda,” or Girl #2. She reads constantly, and is one of the few college students I have ever met that is reading outside of her classes.

This was a fun opportunity to try some variegated perle cotton. I am generally a traditionalist, sticking to white on white or maybe a light colored cloth with white or ecru thread, so this was an eye opener for me. I got the thread during the Hancocks close out, so there was just the one skein, so I didn’t want anything very big. The colors are some of Girl#2’s favorites, so it was a perfect experiment.

I used a scrap left over from Girl#1’s delft sampler, so had to adjust things a bit. Because of that the shape is a little odd, but it will certainly mark the page.

I made it up as I went, so the symmetry isn’t great, but it was a great way to practice. I definitely needed it, there was quite a bit of ripping at one point, so I’m hoping I got some of that out of the way before my next big project. Stay tuned, it will be epic!


20 thoughts on “Hardanger Bookmark

  1. That looks gorgeous. Pretty colours and really neat.
    I’m quite terrified of Hardanger and other cutwork. I like the stitching and the finished results but I really don’t like the cutting. It’s quite nerve-wracking LOL

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    1. Oh I remember the first time I cut…but it’s not the end of the world when you make a mistake…there’s actually a little book on how fix things! And, once you do a runner, you become quite jaded.πŸ˜…

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      1. A great experience, some 30+ years ago before Internet and email. I went for six months through the 4-H program, living with six families (including my cousins!!!!) then came home and toured the northern half of CO doing school programs as “payment.” The entire experience was fantastic.


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