Tealed with a Kiss(X)

Many of you know Kate over at Tall Tales from Chiconia. She is doing another fundraising quilt for the Ovarian Cancer Foundation in Australia. I loved the idea, and wanted to participate, so made 2 quilt blocks for the quilt.

I learned a few things doing this project…

a. If you want a block to be perfect it will foil you in every way possible.
b. Even when block patterns have a one or two inch measure, print an extra one and see if the pieces really do make a 12 inch square.
c. I am still a novice, definitely a novice.
d. I need a 12 1/2 square if I am going to do this a lot!

….would I do this again? ABSOLUTELY!!!

I had a great time selecting blocks with an X pattern, and if I can get it to actually measure out, I would consider making a quilt out of that North Star pattern. It so different! Hopefully, neither of these two will cause too much hassle for Kate!

Do any of you participate in some sort of quilty or sewing type service projects? I know there are groups that do Quilts of Valor, the Linus Foundation, and the 1 Million Pillowcases; do you have any favorites you like to help with?


6 thoughts on “Tealed with a Kiss(X)

  1. The blocks are lovely. Oh the learning curves of quilting… 🙂 we all have times like that. I do quilt tops for a church sewing ladies group,and completed quilts for Christian aid ministry. Keeps me busy. 😊


  2. I like both of these, but the first one especially! I have being piecing blocks lately, for a block of the month thing my guild is doing, and all I keep thinking is, “I’m really not very good at this!” I will have to re-do the most recent one, it’s so lumpy.

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