Presidential Hats

We have an interesting tradition here in Rapid City. Our downtown area has a statue of a president on nearly every corner. Lots of tourists cruise the area each summer and take pictures with their favorites. However, in the winter, anonymous knitters dress them in hats and scarves for homeless people to take as needed. At first, the city in typical government fashion, said it was littering, or some ridiculous nonsense, but they got over themselves, after the mayor’s phone lit up, and the City Council declared mittens, hats and scarves OK from first to last frost. ย Whatever! ย 

After all the hubbub, I realized that I finally had a perfect outlet for some of the worsted acrylic that I have acquired. I never bought these skeins, and I hate them all…they feel terrible to knit, but I will not throw them out. So, I took some bits from the kids’ mittens I did recently, and two of these nasty skeins, and this is what popped out! It feels nice and thick on my head, and I think it looks nice. (I really hate it when folks make trash for homeless people…if I did this, I wanted them to be something nice.)


James Polk, sporting his new hat.

I think I’ll make some more with my odds and ends, and turn that nasty acrylic into something usable that lots of people would like to wear. Besides, my Knitpicks box arrived….I need to make room!

Hat specs: Unknown worsted acrylic (red and navy), bright blue and white by LionBrand, DIY



Pattern: adapted from Glacier Peak Hat by Emily Ringelman, Knitpicks 55866220. My version started decreases immediately after the pattern, and at a faster rate.



18 thoughts on “Presidential Hats

    1. I think that is a possibility Claire! I saw quite a few scarves out earlier this week, and what looked to be a shawl or two as well. Good thing, because it snowed again last night and we are headed back to the single digits for the rest of the week.


  1. That’s a great tradition–and your hat looks really nice! Dressing the president make me think of the huge statue of George Washington in the Public Gardens in Boston–a couple years ago we were there while the Red Sox were in the World Series and old George was wearing a Red Sox baseball jersey.

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  2. Lovely gesture and very smart hat. I was in training today. The tutor used the expression residentially challenged. It took me ages to work out what on earth she meant! Anyway here’s hoping someone residentially challenged appreciates the hat.

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    1. I don’t mind acrylic, mainly because a lot of wool is too scratchy, unless something is underneath it, and it may not wash well in a limited set up like a laundromat. I was really surprised at how nice the navy felt once made up, quite a different feel from the actual knitting.


  3. I’ve never heard of the presidents in Rapid City before! The people who built the house where my sister lives now put in 2 kind of large lions to line the driveway, one on each side. They look …unique… so she makes a bit of a joke out of it and dresses them up for Christmas, Easter, Derby day, etc.

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