Another Coat?

Yes indeed, I’m sewing another winter coat, but this one is for Girl #1, who literally wore a hole in the back of her black Melton with her backpack in 5 years of college. During Christmas break I showed her the piece of ink navy Melton in the wool stash, and she agreed to have me make it up for her.

I’ll be using the same pattern and sizing so she can add plenty of layers underneath, as she has gone down a size during her college years. The pattern is Butterick 4665, a simple, classic coat that works with everything from jeans to formal wear if necessary. The wool is pretty thick but the pattern is very simple so that should work fine. After noting the -14 degrees (F) for Bozeman this past week, I am going to add a thinsulate underlining, and have purchased a piece of 100% polyester suiting in cornflower blue! The big hitch now is interfacing…there is no horse canvas or hymo to be had in this town so I will have to order it. Jo-Anns will send me a 25 yard bolt, but no cuts; all I can do today is sew the lining and decide if I can do the bound buttonholes with this ultra thick fabric, as there will be a week long delay to get the interfacing here, no matter who I buy from.


6 thoughts on “Another Coat?

  1. I love the pattern! Wow is that ever cold though – in the 70’s here. If you have any trouble finding the interfacing let me know since I’m close to several stores and could probably find what you need since JoAnn’s sells the same thing in all their stores.

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    1. Yeah…my husband says it won’t be enough, but I think this one will take her to 0 without too much trouble, especially with a layer underneath. Below that will probably require goose down. 😳 it is a great pattern; a true classic.

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