Quick and Unique Gift

It seems I am always in need of graduation and wedding gifts for some of the special kids I have worked with. They just keep growing up! While I don’t try to do anything big, I want to remember them and their special occasions as much as I am able. There were two such occasions this fall while I was in the midst of the big quilts, so now I need to play catch up. I warned them not to expect anything until Christmas at the earliest, but I do want to get these off ASAP!

So, I’ve decided that for 2017, my new small wedding gift will be a set of hand knit dish cloths with matching oven towels. Problem solved! Even with my schedule I can get a dish cloth done in 2-3 evenings, and right now I am loving the 100% cotton Dishie worsted from Knitpicks. It gets rave reviews for its durability and it is a pleasure to knit!

The pattern is free, also from Knitpicks, called Walled In and the number is 55496220. Though anyone with a little experience could probably study the photo above and figure it out. All knit and purl so nothing complicated.

As for the oven towels, I’ve been collecting ideas on Pinterest through out the fall, and there are plenty of ideas there! I think the rick rack companies are going to see a definite surge in business, if what I see on Pinterest is correct. I didn’t want to draft a pattern for the tops if one was readily available, and it was! I am using a pattern from Kleio’s Belly. I used fusible interfacing, and then did a little embellishing to make them a little more unique.

I bought both pieces of toweling during the Hancocks clearance, and have anothe piece suitable for the second gift. I was able to pick fabrics from my stash to complete both of these, using my fairly new applique skills on one and did a little embroidery on the second. (Thank you Splendid Sampler!) I fused the flower and used satin stitch for it, and  had a left over freezer circle that I used for the center, glued it then satin stitched it as well. One more tiny scrap gone!

The sewing and turning are very straightforward, the angles are well done and it is easy to get nice crisp corners with a little clipping. The directions call for flannel instead of interfacing, use whatever you have. I used a light to mid weight Pellon fusible to make it quick. My only caution on the sewing is to remind anyone trying this to remember that the “front” side of the buttonhole is actually on the back side of the towel. I wasn’t thinking, but was fortunate to place mine correctly on the first towel. I was careful to make sure I paid attention on the second one!

dscn0524I decided to embroider a bit on the second towel, but made things much more difficult when I forgot to remove the cutting mat before I traced the design. UGH! My graphite paper was used just enough, and with interfacing already on the fabric, I got a very faint tracing in several sections. Of course it wasn’t faint enough to be able to do it over, so I worked on it that evening, while the design was still somewhat clear in my brain! Next, was a little tension issue, which finally mysteriously disappeared after a new needle, blowing and brushing, retreading, and multiple tweaks on both the top and bottom. I guess it worked itself out, so I was able to finish the topstitching and the buttonhole, which turned out extremely well. I usually hold my breath, because my Necchi doesn’t usually like them much. All in all, it makes a nice handmade gift that doesn’t take tons of time, and costs little enough that I can do multiples over the course of the year!dscn0523


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