A Splendid Finish? 

After a couple of weeks off during the holidays the Splendid Sampler geared back up for the big finish. I am caught up with the group, and will enjoy the more leisurely pace of two blocks each week until the finish in February.

During the hiatus, I spent some time considering what I was going to do with my blocks, and my final conclusion is to create four lap quilts for four dear military friends. I have done the math, and my plan is to use 1 1/2 inch sashing between each block, then add a 2-3 inch border around that. While I have used ONLY what I had in my stash for this project, I may buy something for the borders at the local quilt shop. I do have a few large pieces that I will audition first, but I’m not sure I have enough.  It will be nice to eventually put all the red, white and blue away for awhile and clean up the sewing room just a bit.

I am also looking forward to the ease of quilting these guys…a lap size will be such a pleasure after manhandling two queen size jobs this fall!


8 thoughts on “A Splendid Finish? 

  1. They are dear sweet friends and they and their families have sacrificed a lot over the years. It is very motivating to me to get them finished this way too! Stay warm up there Kerry, if you get anything like what we had this week….YIKES! Maybe we should go visit Doreen in Texas?!


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