Simplicity 1541

I plan to use the amazing fit pencil skirt pattern put out by Simplicity for a skirt for myself, but I tried it out on Girl #2 first. She is student teaching and interviewing now (we hope) and needed some career looks that scream, “I’m really an adult!!!” Sifting through left over fabrics from previously aborted sewing projects, I found some gray woven fabric with matching thread. No clue who bought it, but I decided it would be a good fit for trying our the skirt. Girl #2 has been tiny most of her life, but acquired some hips during college, so I was pretty sure that she would no longer fit in a size 6 pattern.

The cool thing about the amazing fit patterns is that they come with straight, average and curvy patterns. I could cut the curvy to fit her and still have the average and straight for me! I sewed the front, inserted the zipper in the back, and basted the side seams before wrapping it for Christmas. Later that day, we got her into it, and I made the necessary adjustments, then resewed the side seams and cut the lining to match.

Once the lining was in and hemmed, I finished the closures and pinned the hem…It turned out just right, so only the final hem to do. Best of all, now that I have her properly sized, I can pop out another one or two if she needs them.

I was really impressed with the line of this skirt. It looks great, even with the cheap fabric I used. With some quality wool, I think it will be a wardrobe workhorse.



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