Bring on the New Year!

Do you have crafty plans for the new year? Resolutions? Goals, lists? None of the above?

I admit I have a thing for lists, and I have a lot of things I want to do in 2017….I have been inspired by nanacathy, over at nanacathydotcom. She challenged herself with 15 things in 2015 and 16 things in 2016. I’m thinking about that…

For now, I am trying to get current on everything I’m working on, so I can have a fresh start to the new year. Not too many projects left, and a few moving into the prep phase, so January 1 will dawn with plenty of fresh plans, ideas, and things to try!

I want to do a better job of documenting this year. I took pictures of most of my finishes when they were close to done, but I want to do a better job of getting the steps…I’m not much of a photographer, so that is one area I want to improve in.

I want to grow in my needlework skills as well, maybe trying some crewel, needlepoint or bullion embroidery.

I have other things and makes on my list, but I’ll spend a little more time considering before I post them! Meanwhile, I am really interested in hearing about your plans, goals and/or resolutions for 2017!!

Happy New Year Everyone!2017






11 thoughts on “Bring on the New Year!

    1. Love these! Do you have a chart for your read through? I once had one that was a chronological read, it mixed the psalms and prophets in with the historical books, I can look if you are interested. I may have found it on line.

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      1. I do have a plan,or should say an app. Bible study tools have several different plans,it will even read it to you . I like that option when it comes to genealogies,more fun to hear someone read though it all. 🙂 “thank you “for asking.

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    1. Claire, that’s how my sister does things, or the list becomes a taskmaster. I’m more of the write it down so you don’t forget when all the other ideas come pouring in sort. 😊


      1. oh I make myself lists, and jot down notes ^^ Just don’t set myself deadlines that can’t be moved, or worry if I don’t achieve everything I hoped in one day.

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