Goals – For me, A Good Thing

Just over a year ago, I decided to get serious about this blog, with the goal of posting at least twice a month. I also wanted my free time to be more productive and I wanted to do a better job of documenting the things I made. Both of those decisions have led to a year of making new friends, learning new skills and more starts and finishes than I would have dreamed. It might be the fact that I actually have a scrap blog of the things I worked on, or it might be that I’ve  actually gotten more done. Either way works for me!!! I did write some goals for last year….quite a few got finished , and several were added….here’s my review of 2016.

Stitching: flowers triptych, wedding sampler, Delft Sampler

Quilts: 3 mini quilts, 3 Wedding quilts, Slendid Sampler blocks

Sewing: Marfy coat, bias skirt and messenger bag, a Pirate coat, Christmas pajamas, DH button down dress shirt, and DD pencil skirt (final fitting coming up!)

Knitting: cardigan, 2 pair of socks, 4 pair of mittens, and 3/4 of the way on the Skaugum sweater

It has been a productive year, and the motivation has come from you my bloggy friends! Wanting to have something to share, being inspired by what you have shared, and most of all,  your wonderful encouragement have created the momentum! So I thank you!!!

It has been a great year for me; I’ve learned, practiced, and have so appreciated how the process of making has helped me keep things (like work) in perspective. Thank you for your part in enriching my life!! On to 2017!


13 thoughts on “Goals – For me, A Good Thing

  1. Wow–I am so impressed with your finishes! I feel like I’m productive but I don’t seem to finish much . . . All of it looks wonderful–I think I’m still most impressed with the Marfy coat. What one thing are you most pleased/amazed by?

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    1. I’ll try again! The weddings probably doubled my output, as I wouldn’t have been nearly as motivated without them!! As for my best for the year, that’s a hard pick. The Marfy coat was a definite front runner, but I probably learned the most from the quilts. And the cardigan was a biggie, because it actually fits to the point that I’m not adjusting things all day when I wear it! That was definitely a first!
      Kerry, if line everything up that you have done this year, I bet you are surprised…you’ve done a lot of stuff!!


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