Seasonal Favorites – Music

Music is a big deal at our house…I don’t remember music not being a part of my life, really. The two things we always had was plenty of books and plenty of music. I started piano in kindergarten, added Band in 5th grade, then choir in 9th grade.

Over those years Christmas was a busy but special time. I sang, accompanied, played in concerts at school and at church. To me Christmas began in October, when we started the Christmas music. Likewise, our girls had much the same experience. They began Suzuki violin and cello at age 4, and so had Suzuki and, starting in 4th grade, school events as well. That continued through high school, with many gigs, concerts, special music, orchestra accompaniment, etc.

So, we have seen A LOT of arrangements of A LOT of songs over the years, and we definitely have some favorites! Some are very traditional and some are brand new. If you’ve actually clicked the links on my Advent Reflections posts, you have heard some of the variety of the music I love at Christmas. 

So…my favorites for 2016?

HAndel’s Messiah — all of it, though the strings on Glory to God is one of my all time favorite spots.

Christmas Worship by Paul Baloche–this man has a gift for words and arrangements

Bing Crosby’s White Christmas album–what a beautiful voice and diction

Pentatonix–their arrangements are fresh, a little edgy, but the harmony….oh my!

O come o come Emmanuel

LO, How a Rose ‘Er Blooming

Playing Lorie Line for myself

Angels We Have Heard on High

Ukrainian Bell Carol (with bells of course)

How about you? Share your favorites!


6 thoughts on “Seasonal Favorites – Music

  1. Like you, music is a big deal around here! If my husband had his way, we would have music playing 24/7, either we’d be making it ourselves or we’d be listening to it. The music I love best is folk music–authentic music played by regular people. Isn’t it wonderful that there is holiday music available for every taste?!


    1. That is so true! Yesterday I sat down and played a whole book, from Holly Jolly Christmas to Breathe oh Spirit. Frankly, I can enjoy every single one at least once!!😍 My office asst had Mitch Miller sing along going yesterday, and it was great! I’m a little sad we won’t have string duets this year at home…Em brought her sewing machine home instead of her violin…next year I hope!


  2. Lorie Line’s style perfectly meshes with mine, too, and her arrangements (Christmas and other) are always greatly appreciated when/where ever I play. My holiday piano playing at the Winona hospital is done for another year. Sad. It’s so lovely to be able to sit at a gorgeous acoustic grand piano and get lost in the music!!!!! Of course, Handel is wonderful as is Pachelbel.

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