Seasonal Favorites – Food

Everyone I know has special foods for Christmas, and my family is no exception! We experimented during the years that the girls were small, but a few things really stuck and will hopefully continue into the next generation.

Lefse–you have already seen this post, but you haven’t heard the rest of the story.  Truth is, my kiddos didn’t care one way or another about lefse, or much of the Norwegian part of their roots…until my oldest went to St Olaf College in MN. As a member of the orchestra, she was steeped in Christmas Fest tradition which meant wearing Norwegian sweaters and eating Smorgasbord for dinner that week. Of course lefse was on the menu, and her inner Norske came bubbling up. This year she asked for us to make lefse when she gets home!
Gingerbread–not the cookies, but the colonial style, which is like a heavy cake. This is always served during the last week of piano lessons…it is a learning experience for many. 😆 I am always surprised at who won’t even try it, even though it is warm and smelling heavenly straight from the oven.

Curried Fruit–I never expected this to be on the must have list, but since leaving home, the girls insist that this MUST be part of Christmas breakfast! It is easy…I take canned peaches, pears, pineapples and mandarin oranges, and sometimes apricots, drain them and put them in an oven safe dish with 1/4 cup butter, 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1–2 teaspoons of curry. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

Bear Bread–It is evidently NOT Christmas without bear bread…any bread recipe works as long as it is shaped into a bear for each girl…who cares what the parents get! Bears are easy, a large “roll” for the body, a smaller one for the head, even smaller ones for arms and legs, then very small ones to make two ears, a nose and a belly button. Last year they asked for a very small corgi bread for the dog, so he wouldn’t beg for theirs. More great pictures and directions at Bread

Pomegranate–one in each stocking…they ignore them hiding in the back of the fridge until Christmas morning. 😊

And, how could I forget? (Well, I did, so I had to edit!) After Christmas Eve service at church we sit in the living room with the Christmas lights on the tree and eat ou red velvet cake. It started when the girls were tiny, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, and now it is a treasured family time.

Not quite the normal special foods listing, but a meaningful one at our house! How about you? What special foods are showing up at your home during Christmas season?


13 thoughts on “Seasonal Favorites – Food

  1. What a lot of great traditions! And it makes me smile that your kids are embracing them, as they grow up. The caramels are one of my traditions but we don’t have a lot of them at Christmas. There is that pork and sauerkraut thing at New Years, though . . . .

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    1. They make me laugh the way they changed when they left home. It was the typical, I thought my family was a little odd, until they heard about how others felt about their families. Then it was “we must do these things!”


    2. Your New Year’s meal reminds me of how I often wish for Mexican food about then…must come from living in Southern CO, my mom sure never made any!!!!boiled potatoes all the way for her!


  2. Love that curry recipe….very similar to mine. The “what” that makes up the tradition is not really what’s as important as the fact that there ARE those traditions that become the foundation for future memories. And even those traditions evolve and become new, accepted ones. They must, as situations change and people leave. Such changes are only “negatives” if they are labeled as such, so we much guard against those less preferred designations (don’t you think??)……………….

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    1. That is so true!!! We moved from The MN family when I was little and had to work on new traditions because everything else had centered on the home place and being with the cousins. Now these seem so old and longstanding. The beauty of a growing and changing family. FYI! It was 29 degrees when I got up at 5 am!!!! You will get a “tropical ” heat wave for Christmas!!!!


      1. We’re looking forward to the temp moderation BUT there may be a caveat… We are supposed to get RAIN(!)/sleet and on such frozen ground….not good! LOL! Oh well….not a thing that can be done about it!!!!!

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      2. Well, maybe it won’t get quite that warm…so do you think the weather is worse than it used to be, or are we just wimpier? These storms seem to create havoc now, but when I was little we had lots of snow, but almost never cancelled school. Now a storm backs up the airports for days…😝


      3. Way too much ongoing info!! We are deluged with weather, news, highway, etc updates resulting in ppl “planning” right down to the nano second and getting outraged when something goes awry/slows them. ‘Way back when’ we were told about events/forecasts but were cautioned as to the accuracy.. allowing extra travel time, etc. Not so now!! Hence, cars speed at dry-pavement speeds on icy/snowy roads and wonder why the plows aren’t keeping everything like summertime (while they’re waiting for the tow=truck!!!!!).

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    1. These just sort of happened, except the lefse, that was a must from my family. The fruit I had at a luncheon and brought it home, and the Bears were something I did when the girls were small, thinking it would be a 2-3 year thing. The red velvet came from a history lesson and my youngest daughter’s wish to bake exotic things ( as a 7 year old)…just try something and see if it “sticks”.

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