Prodigal Mittens

One of my evening projects this week has been knitting mittens for Lorn, Harper, August and Eden, who are between 1 and almost 7. They provided me with their hand tracings and color wishes earlier this fall, and I planned to have their mittens in the mail before the new year.

It took me awhile to find just what I needed, some mini skeins of worsted weight acrylic in the required colors for 99 cents/ skein about 10 days ago. They are DIY yarn from Lion Brand. They are a very basic pattern, in multiple sizes, perfect for comparing to four little hand tracings. I just change colors whenever it suits me, trying to make them unique to each child.

Lorn and Harper like the same colors, so I pulled some leftover grape yarn from my basket to set off the pink a little more.  

Things were going great until  this morning, when August’s completed mitten grew legs and wandered off! I hunted everywhere, looked under the couches, in the cupboards, any place they might be, including places that would make you wonder about my sanity.  I kept on knitting until I wasn’t sure of my striping and laid it aside.

I had plenty of other things to work on, and had a Christmas piano recital at a local Assisted Living Center, so I hoped that the prodigal mitten would turn up when I quit looking for it. I came home from the recital, made myself a cup of Earl Grey and was thinking that maybe I should just finish the one in progress, and there, on the floor, where I KNOW I looked…

How can this be? And, one side of it was just a bit damp…DH says the dog couldn’t have taken it, but how could it be a little damp in a spot or two if it had been laying there for 8 hours??????? Is it just me, or do these things happen to you as well? Well, at least the prodigal has returned, and I will have three pair done by bedtime, if no one runs away again!


4 thoughts on “Prodigal Mittens

  1. Yes,that does happen to other people..or at least me!! I was looking for the tape dispenser,couldn’t find it. Hubby bought another one for me. Then as I walked into the closet to get all the stuff I needed to finish up again what I was doing,that lost tape dispenser sat there as pretty as you please.🤔

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