Seasonal Favorites-Ornaments

Do you have favorite traditions? We do. They change a little over time, but some stay….share some of yours. Here is one of ours.

Add one new ornament to the tree each year. I grew up on a dairy farm, and my mom had arthritis and degenerative disks in her back  from age 30. The tree was it for us, and that made it special. She started the adding of an ornament when I was   small, probably as a budget device. As a preschooler I remember cutting out things from the catalog for the ornaments. I still have one ornament from that era. I was three and I remember her opening the package…I was enthralled. Every year I looked for those and put them on the tree. When the time came to have my own home and Christmas tree, that was the ornament I asked for…

It’s in pretty bad shape really, but I still love that little guy/girl elf thing! Move on a few years, and the tradition has morphed into memories…we have ornaments to recall the birth of each girl, family trips, photo ornaments commemorating special events, gifts from piano students, representations of special pets, etc. some of those, only we could love! But we do!

Finally, there’s a batch of family ornaments that we have made over the years, and I think those are my all time favorites. The paper cross stitch I did as a new bride, the fabric cross stitch, the crocheted heart, a hardanger diamond, and lately some knitted mittens and stockings. The girls have contributed too, Emily and her beadwork, and Amanda and her imagination.

Here’s a few that you might enjoy…now tell me about yours!


13 thoughts on “Seasonal Favorites-Ornaments

  1. Charming ornaments! Took me a bit to see joy made of wire… but that’s what made it fun. Around here the ornaments we make go outside for the birds. We have lots of pine cones so we have fun filling cones with bird seed,suet,and peanut butter. Then they are hung in the cedar trees not far from the double glass doors.

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  2. I had a lot more but the truth is over the years, a few of my really old ones (mostly the paper ones) have gone missing or accidentally destroyed by little hands. I do have quite a number that they made in school which are really fun to pull out every year!

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  3. I have the same tradition! I started it when I got my first proper tree 8 years ago and we now choose a new one for the tree every year. This year we added two polar bears with my children’s names on them. Plus some ones my daughter made in nursery. In my parent’s house, we have a tradition for opening presents – we got our stockings in the morning but we don’t open our presents until the evening. It’s something we now do when we have Christmas day at our own home 🙂

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    1. I love it! Simple traditions become so special over the years. I will have another post later about food traditions. My college girls have a couple of things that they are now adamant about…not the case until they led home, it is really surprising what becomes the thing to them.

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    1. It really does! My mom did that for our girls and now that she is gone, it is even more special. Your grands are right at that age of wonder, it is a such a wonder to get to see Christmas through their eyes. A gift in itself!


  4. I love your handmade ornaments (big surprise!) I have no ornaments from when I was a child–not sure why–but quite a few that I’ve made over the years. Do you add *only* one new ornament a year–so a hard decision needs to be made, or *at least* one new ornament?

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