Advent Reflection Dec. 5


O come, o come Emmanuel, and ransom captive Israel that mourns in lonely exile here, until the Son of God appears. God’s people had learned a difficult lesson, and now they waited for the redemption promised. They longed for good days, for the Son of David to be enthroned, for an end to the Roman oppression, for kind words and a solution to the problem of sin. God was about to step into history—would they recognize it?

Listen to Comfort Ye  here
by G.F. Handel


2 thoughts on “Advent Reflection Dec. 5

  1. Beautiful! I’ve used the same booklet every year for probably 25+ years for our Advent devotions. My husband decided to change it up a bit this year so we have all new mini stories to go along with the Bible readings. He prays, our daughter reads, the son is in charge of the candle lighting and blowing out and I’m in charge of playing the piano. He’s also changing up my music so they heard a lot of variations of O Come O Come Emmanuel before I finally settled on one for the evening last night.

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