Advent Reflection Dec. 3


Years and generations passed. Abraham’s descendants became slaves in Egypt. They cried out to God, and He answered, bringing them out of captivity, displaying His power and might, rescuing them and planting them in a new land of their own. In His eternal wisdom and grace, God renewed His covenant with Abraham’s descendants and with His laws and statutes, exposed their sin and provided a way for atonement until the time was right for the Rescuer.

Again, many years passed; the people sinned against God, and again were conquered and taken away as slaves. Prophets foretold the destruction of their country, their captivity, and even their eventual return to Israel. But they also spoke of One who would come, righteous and full of knowledge and fear of the Lord. People cried out to the Lord once again, this time for deliverance from their own sin nature.


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