Let the Christmas Sewing Begin?

I don’t do Black Friday. To me, Christmas is not about spending money, and the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is about preparing  to celebrate a very special birthday.

Please note, I am not opposed to Christmas gifts, I love getting and receiving them, I just don’t think that a shopping craze is in order. That said, I am never opposed to a big sale, and Sunday afternoon, I noted that Jo-Ann’s, newly opened here in my town, had continued their big  sales through Sunday evening, and I even had a 20% discount on my entire purchase.  It seemed like a good time to buy fabric for some Christmas gifts….


Now I’m really torn…I’m taking Friday off for Christmas prep….I had planned to decorate and make lefse but this looks like so much fun….this is going to be a tough decision!


3 thoughts on “Let the Christmas Sewing Begin?

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog Kathy, and leaving such kind words. OK I’m not bad at playing with paper but wow I would love to be able to sew. A friend tried to teach me but gave up after helping me to make a bag. She stitched one of the handles and I stitched the other the results were like comparing lanes on a moterway to the lanes round some of the tiny villages here in England lol. At least if I make a mess with paper it can put it in the bin knowing it only cost pence to make.

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