Skaugum Sweater

I have always kept a project downstairs in the family room, something I can work on in the evenings. With so much sewing and quilting under deadlines the past few months, my progress has not been steady, but at long last, I completed the snow
flake border and was ready to pull the middle stitches onto a thread
and finish the shoulders. That’s when a small translating disaster struck…

dscn0497Several words did not translate very well, and it left me unsure exactly how I was to handle the decreases. I did some math and decided the instructions were for the front, then the back. It is a little confusing because the sweater will be steeked, so there isn’t an armhole. It takes a bit to wrap one’s head around that, especially when guessing at what the instructions really say. 🙂 Yes, I’m into adventure.

I did my best, and hopefully this will turn out. I got my sleeve started, and am already thinking about the blocking job to come. I have steeked before, but it is indeed SCARY! I’ll have to steel myself for that little escapade, but it will be excellent practice before I begin my next big knit, the Peace sweater…more on that later. 


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