Winter is Here…and Then it Left!

One week ago I was driving home in our first storm of the season. 50 miles of open prairie at 35 mph, is not my idea of a good time! But, slow and steady usually gets one home without incident, though a few more gray hairs have likely appeared!

Tuesday morning, we had a 10 hour drive to Minnesota for Thanksgiving, and saw again that we would likely be dodging bad weather. Unexpectedly, we encountered RAIN until the final 30 miles, which was sleet, not fun, but no icy roads. This morning we headed home, hoping to miss out on what looked to be an attempt at freezing fog. Amazingly, it dissipated with the sunrise, and we made it home in excellent time, with dry roads and some sunshine most of the way! Tomorrow the forecast is 54! It is difficult to think that Christmas is coming with all this warm weather, but I think that winter will definitely make another appearance soon.

After a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, I am so grateful for all of them, friends, the beauty in the world around us, and the opportunity to make others smile. What a simple joy to dump one’s change into the Salvation Army bucket at the grocery store, or to hold the door open for an elderly neighbor. I am thankful for my health and energy, for the opportunity and ability to make things with my hands, for the beauty of music, and for the friends I have met this past year through blogging. I’m rambling, but once you start counting your blessings, you realize there are so many! I encourage all of you, my bloggy friends, to make a list of the things that you have been blessed with this year.

img_0842One more thing to be thankful for…even though I took my turn driving this week, I am thankful for my project box, which accompanied me in the car and everywhere else. In it I packed a variety of odds and ends that needed attention, and the tools to get them started. I also brought along my floss basket and my knitting bag, and I am happy to say all received a good amount of attention. I am so glad I packed so much, because I had no internet access during this week, so definitely appreciated having something to keep my hands occupied during all the visiting, not to mention during the 6 and 8 hour stint as a passenger! Stay tuned, for some follow up posts!



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