Catching Up? Blocks 31-40

Probably not, but it has been great fun to try the blocks by the different designers. I have finally gotten to the point where I don’t continuously confuse myself with paper piecing, and this week for the first time ever made some hexies. I used Lori Holt’s tutorial, found here, and it made the tiny little hexies in the a splendid Sampler block a breeze.


Instead of embroidery, I added a little ribbon of hardanger to Bock 35. That made the second stripe a little fiddly, but I still like it. The flower basket will receive its embellishment later, as I plan to take it and several of the next batch of blocks with me when we travel to Minnesota next week…10 hours in the car should yield some progress in several handwork categories! Β πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Catching Up? Blocks 31-40

    1. That red did turn out quite nicely! I used some of my mother in law’s stash…she had quite a bit of red, but no papers, so no way of knowing what the brand was for matching on something else, but plenty for this stand alone block. It is VERY bright, and perfect for the embroidery block. The selvage block was different from what I expected, construction wise, but a nice way to remember some of the fabrics used.


      1. funnily enough, my mother-in-law also had loads of bright red skeins or embroidery thread, which I inherited. I Wonder why they had so much? It wasn’t for decorative embroidery, that I do know.

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    1. Yes, that ball was pretty scary, but went much better than I thought, though it took awhile. Had I not told myself I would try every block, I wouldn’t have done some of these, but as usual when you stretch yourself, I was pretty pleased I tried them and they turned out OK!


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