Appliqué Disaster?

This week was all about appliqué. I wasn’t 100% happy with the patterns I found earlier on line, and then realized that I hadn’t searched my old American Patchwork & Quilting magazines for something. Sure enough I came across an issue with several flower options that were the correct size and scale for what I had envisioned. I pulled out my well used leaf templates and went to work. I added some fall colors to the leaves, and I was pretty happy with the first panel.

Things sped up quite a bit on the successive panels; I cut everything at once and then glue basted the first layer down before putting it on the machine. Fast forward…the panels are done, and I have attached them to the main quilt. Now my LACK of artistic anything comes through loud and clear. My corners are an asymmetrical mess! 


  I did a little bit of ripping and tried resetting the stem to see if the would work better. I think I can make a decent looking curve with the stems, and join them, but they won’t be centered on the corner.  When I arrived at the office, a colleague that does quilting happened to be around for a meeting, so I asked her opinion. She suggests that I just run the stems off the edge, and embrace my modern quilting self (not sure I’ve met her). She suggested some random use of the three flower types with a leaf or two, making each corner different. It would certainly add a surprise element. Thoughts anyone?


11 thoughts on “Appliqué Disaster?

  1. It sounds a plan 🙂 Could you join the ends together with a bit more stem, then pop a flower and a leak or two along it, the right one looks like it could be fairly straight forward, the left would need a couple of inches unpicking to curve it round. I’m very impressed with your needle turn, I really must master that technique, I think I need some of those stick things 🙂

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  2. I unpicked the right one this morning to see if I could get enough curve to connect them, so it would be doable. Someone else came in my office and just suggested running some blooms off the edge, which has me intrigued too. And, I must confess my needle turn is actually freezer paper templates turned and pressed then machine appliqued down. I am going to learn needle turn eventually, I just tried it on a Splendid Sampler block and it went much better than I thought it would.
    Thanks for the encouragement–I was so unhappy this morning!


  3. hmmm my first reaction is to ask, is this a quilt to be used and snuggled under? or a quilt to hang on the wall for decoration? If it’s the former, do you honestly think whoever snuggles is going to worry that appliqué in corners insn’t symetric? lol. I like the méandres, and plants in my garden never seem to grow only where they’re supposed to, so I actually think your non-matching corners look very natural.

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    1. Good to know! I was really afraid of appliqué until this summer, but now I’m actually thinking about doing a very small Baltimore album by hand in the future. Thanks for the encouraging words!


  4. Corners can be really difficult, so don’t be too hard on yourself! I think I would take out about 8″ of the stem at the end of each panel, add some more length to the stem and make a “loop” in each corner, or add a flower, maybe, to anchor each corner. Not sure I like the idea of running the stem off the edges… it will all be beautiful when you’re finished, I am sure!

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    1. Thanks Karen! My first thought was to take out the stems…until I looked on the back to see how neatly I had cut out the extra fabric on my leaves…😱 not sure if my final solution is a winner yet, but then I am still a bit of a novice at this. Hope your arm and ribs are mending on schedule!


  5. I’m with claire93! Do something in the corners to make yourself happier but keep the big picture in mind–no one but you is ever going to focus in just on those parts of the quilt and be so judgmental. What’s that saying about “will a man on a horse, galloping by, notice it at 50 feet”? That’s not right, but you get the idea!

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