Weekend Quilt Warrior

A productive weekend with big changes all around! Saturday I cut strips for the sashing and placed the blocks. I used my row numbers again, to help me keep things straight, then began sewing rows together. One long day of sewing and half the main body is together, along with a lot more triangles. I did the math…there are 384 of those little guys, but I swear it seems like they multiply in the night!

My big question now is how to do the borders…I was planning on the triangle border, then the appliqué, then another border, but there won’t be enough triangles to do a second round of them. I have a few ideas, but I’m not sure which way to go.

A. I could do the triangles first, then a scrappy pieced border using the left overs from the appliqué (I have one whole charm pack left for appliqué and the last border.)

B. I could do the triangles first, and hunt for the navy floral online, and use it as a border and binding.

C. There is another charm pack at our local store…I could use that and do 2 inch squares around the appliqué and bind it with the sashing material. 

D. Do something different for the first border and use the triangles on the outside.

TOO MANY CHOICES!!!  What would you do? Meanwhile, I have got to figure out this appliqué situation, especially now that the main body is together! I think I’ll have to go to work so I can rest!!😉


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