Week #2: 48 Stars Done!

imageIt has been a productive week of piecing, and I am excited to share the progress!  I began by working on the flying geese units of my star blocks, which of course left all those tiny triangle scraps. I just kept piling them up, and once I changed to my 1/4″ seam foot, I started sewing a group of them with each block. I started out doing blocks in groups of two instead of chain stitching everything at once this round, just for something different. Doing a handful of these little tiny squares with each block kept  me from jumping up and down incessantly, and I’m hoping that by the time I have most of the blocks done, I’ll also have the first border well underway.

I have also been encouraged to find some appliqué options while perusing my American Patchwork & Quilting magazine. I found a quilt with acorns and oak leaves that looked interesting, and when visiting the online area, I found another really nice idea for flowers and buds. 🙂 I am not any good at sketching so a pattern is pretty essential for me. I’ll play with some paper and see how it looks.side-dish


When I finished sewing my tiny triangles into squares, I started chaining them together until I grew tired of that, and went back to sewing just blocks for a bit. I did take a break to run to the quilt shop and pick up the material for the sashing before they ran out.  It is a dark purple, and I think it will make for some nice contrast, especially since some of these blocks seem a little dull to me. I’m sure once they are mixed up a little more it will all work, but while piecing some of these tan blocks I began to wonder just a bit! As of this evening, all 48 blocks are completed, and I am cutting the sashing pieces and working on that pieced border.

This weekend may not have as much sewing as designing of the appliqué border, but that’s just fine with me!


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