Meghan’s Quilt

For my oldest daughter’s bestie, I needed something that would go together more quickly than Romance and Roses, and I wanted an entirely different feel. I wanted each sister to feel that their quilt was unique and special, but with similar details. While at the State Fair for work, I could not sew, but I spent a lot of time designing and problem solving a variety of projects.

While manning a registration table my last day, I finally started working the math for Meghan’s quilt. I opted for 8 inch blocks for the main body, with a 2 inch sashing around each one, knowing it would go much faster than the previous quilt top. While crude, drawing the design really helped me get a handle on the borders and the over all effect. I think I will come close to my original inspiration.

Next I settled on a batch of prints and thankfully found more charm packs at my local quilt shop! This will speed the cutting, and the colors are such a beautiful embodiment of fall. They are from Moda, and called Hawthorn Ridge by Jan Patek Quilts.

I have also picked up some darker neutrals to add to my lighter ones. My local shop has several bolts of these charm fabrics, so it will be a simple process to select sashing and binding. After speaking with the brides’ mother, I am hoping to acquire one of the blues or purples, or maybe one for the sashing and one for the binding.

I made a sample to make sure my measurements were accurate, and commenced with the cutting. I added a muted orange, some green that I will incorporate into the appliqué stems and two browns that coordinated well to get my 48 blocks. I am still considering making a few of the star centers out of four patch blocks to add a little more motion.

I plan to use my triangle scraps for a narrow border. It will measure about 1 3/8 inches, and since they are the left overs from the flying geese, they will come pre matched with no extra cutting necessary….that’s my kind of border and close enough to my planned 1 1/2 inches to be a win.

The charm packs certainly sped the cutting process, even without much free time, the main body is completely cut and sitting on the table. Let the piecing commence!


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