MIWW Challenge Finish

img_0690Thank you all so much for your ideas for the challenge wool I accepted at last year’s MIWW contest! I decided on the bias skirt and my original messenger bag idea for starters, thinking that if I had more time, I could consider additional accessories.

I decided to draft a pattern from an existing skirt, digging through my stash to find a previously used zipper. I opted for no lining in the skirt, partly because I don’t have many options in town….Hobby Lobby or Walmart….and I really prefer coupe de ville over the shiny, slippery stuff they seem to stock.

A couple of short evenings in the sewing room, and my skirt was done except for the closure and the hem, which was missing the hem tape. I procured that in Mitchell on my last trip east. (the joys of no fabric store for 200 miles….JoAnn’s please hurry!) Once I got home it was a quick job to add the hem tape, do the hem and add the hook and eye and snap closures.

I found a pretty nice tutorial for a img_0686messenger bag here at Sew4Home, and decided to give it a go. As I considered my cutting options it quickly became apparent that matching the plaid was going to be impossible. To minimize the effect, I swapped out the front with a left over piece of navy blue wool. Scraps do come in handy! 

Canvas and webbing were the next issue, along with all the necessary hardware. A trip to the hardware store assured me that I old find nothing workable there, so I did the next best thing…I scrounged in the basement of my office until I found a discarded conference bag, and commandeered its accoutrements!  I ripped the stitching out of the bag to retrieve my webbing. Along the way I scored some nice antique brass tabs, swivel hooks and the strap adjuster. On a trip for work,  I found some navy blue canvas, which looks great with the wool. In the final analysis, the only thing purchased was the canvas.

This challenge has expanded from just the fabric to an ultimate recycle and reuse! How ironic that after struggling for months with what to do, I ended up wishing that I had entered the entire ensemble as another outfit in the wool contest! For the fashion show, I added my wool cardigan, and some new blue shoes I found on clearance. Where’s the picture you ask? Hopefully, coming soon, with some results.😄

I did NOT accept any challenge fabric for next year, as I have acquired a glut of beautiful wool that will keep me busy for the next several years! More on that later.


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