A Quilting We Will Go…

Even though I have been posting about garment sewing the past few weeks, that wedding quilt has not just sat idle. While I hadn’t begun the quilting until this week, I have spent time considering how I will tackle the machine quilting. With my travel schedule finally on hold, I was able to take on the task of sandwiching the quilt and getting it started.

My plan for the center is scroll work, with some scallops in the diamond border and stippling in the appliqué section, unless I try out the echo quilting with pebbles I just found.:)

img_0699 I love the swirl going around the border in this example, as well as the treatment of the squares and triangles. I think that will go nicely of this quilt AND I think I can execute the design.

But for now, we are at the “gut it out and do the center” stage. It is actually going quite well, and me new system seems to be working pretty well. I have much less shoulder tension than when I do a quilt on the dining room table, and DH is looking at my set up with an eye for engineering something better. Always a good sign!

I have finally resigned myself to the fact that you cannot execute free motion quilting without a lot of practice, and each quilt is truly a practice piece. Perfection is not even on the horizon, but a new pattern is a step in the right direction. Once I finish the center, I doubt that most people will view my quilting with an eye for picking out those spots wher I broke the “rules,” accidentally crossing over a scallop or two. They will se the love and work that went into the making, and the overall effect.

So, I journey on. My biggest accomplishment at the moment is that I nailed the sandwiching this time, using masking tape to keep things taut, and I am having no issues with tucks or puckering. Hurrah!!!! I estimate I have quilted 2/3 of the main body, and will get at least halt of the remaining area done tonight. I would so love to have this off the machine so I can stitch the binding next week while on my last overnight work trip until January. Hurrah for that as well!


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