Not really, this pirate coat is actually a pretty nice diversion! It has been traveling with me the past couple of weeks, first just the pattern, then the material. I’m sure the maids at my last hotel think I am a crazy lady!

This project is for a friend, and since it is a costume, we aren’t getting too excited about perfect thread matches, and some of those niceties, but I still plan to present her with a well sewn and finished costume piece.
I am not interested in doing any hand sewing if I can get out of it, though I had resigned myself to basting the braid on by hand…boy there is a lot of braid, and it looked very uncooperative. I found just the thing to tame it in my goodies box. Anyone remember stitch witchery?

 It is supposed to make hems a snap; but I found it made a stiff, ugly hem that didn’t meet my specs.  I have found the perfect use for this roll….it is exactly what I needed for basting the braid in place! One nice press with the iron, and I can zig zag the stuff in place with nary a pin.šŸ˜€

After a short evening in my sewing room, I had progressed to a hanger, and the scariest seams on the pattern envelope are finished and looking pretty nice, in my humble opinion! The bodice has an inset princess seam with the pocket flap attached via the bottom seam–unusual.

The coat will have three(!) godets, and the sleeves look really strange, but it looks pretty amazing on the pattern, so we’ll wait and see.

Another short evening in the sewing room, (I am so looking forward to having a real weekend again someday šŸ˜³) and frankly, I am amazed at the progress! 

The side seams are finished, along with the godets, and the facings are in as well.  Those funky sleeves are sewn together, and I have both cuffs together (8 pieces for two cuffs–seriously?) The next big job will be attaching the braid on the cuffs and down the front. There are 18 pieces in all, but using the stitch witchery makes it a snap. I’ll do them all at once so I only have to change thread one time.

Here are those bizarre looking sleeves; they are really odd! They look very strange sewn together, like a curvy barrel.

My friend bought some 100% teal cotton for interfacing, but I thought we needed a little more umph, so I pieced together some left over fusible for all but the front facing which I cut out of some sew-in Pellon I had on hand.  I would never do this  for something special, but I have used it to good effect on pjs in the past, so I felt comfortable using it here.

The sleeves look much better when complete, and the braid is really adding some pizzazz. I wasn’t completely sure about the choice of dull gold, but it looks great. 

I  am still amazed at how fast this is going together. I must have forgotten what it is like to sew something easy! I would never have guessed this would be a short weekend project. It looks much more intimidating on the pattern photo.

Now, minus another four buttons, this project is complete!


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