A Marfy Finish

What do you get when you take an Italian pattern, add some Pendleton wool, a little horsehair and some lambswool? Add some thread, do some cutting, do a lot of hand stitching, and after nearly eight months of work, a warm and cozy winter coat, with a little style thrown in!  Yes, it is finally finished!!
Well, maybe not quite…I think I’ll add one more snap on the inside so it hangs just a little better, and I may still rip out the hem and redo it for the fourth time when I have some more horsehair. It is a little stiff, especially on the corners.

It has been quite an adventure, this coat. I am really pleased with the cut and line of the coat, and I think the fit is really good. I know that I’m going to be wearing this for years, and I’m happy with the overall product. It will be a wonderful replacement for my 15 year old stadium coat!

Will I do another Marfy pattern? I don’t know. While I love the style features, I was not as fond of no seam allowances and the lack of instructions. I think that before I do another Marfy I will make sure that I have a reference available for any special features. That being said, I have learned so much on this project and sharpened some skills. I am excited about some projects coming up, and feel as though I have gained an extra measure of patience during the past few months. 

Old Man Winter, I’m ready whenever you are!

On to the MIWW Contest…..


4 thoughts on “A Marfy Finish

  1. So beautiful, Kathy! Isn’t it just such a great sense of accomplishment when you finish a project like this? I love a project where my skills are tested, I learn something new, and I create something with “good-wearing” power. You have clearly met these criteria in this coat. Congratulations! Let the cold winds blow!

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