State Fair Tour

We will start here in the brand new Norby Exhibit Hall which replaced our beloved but mold infested Clover Hall built shortly after World War 2. We found out three weeks ago that the exhibit area would be open, but had no time to do anything but hang backdrops and order tables.

The kids creativity has produced the festive air. It always amazes me that we can have every combination from really strange group crafts to amazing individual efforts. 

I am too allergic to spend much time in the barns, but I can tell you we have about 500 beef, 900 sheep, 400 pigs, 400 goats, and 150 dairy cows, all 4-H animals. There are nearly 5000 exhibits in Norby, and tomorrow there will be 200 participants cooking a portion of a meal and being judged on methods, nutrition and presentation during special foods and about 500 youth participating in judging contests. 

Saturday will be the Fashion Revue, which is always a highlight as well as the Performing Arts troupe, made up of about 60 teens, who performs throughout the weekend. My responsibilities lie in the Youth in Action area, which includes identification and decision making contests, and public presentations. It’s the culmination of the 4-H year, and this is the showcase event.

Here’s some photos of open class too.


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