Ahoy Matey!

Ahoy Matey!

A friend asked me to sew her a pirate coat imageearly this summer, but she didn’t have her fabric or anything so I wasn’t sure how serious she was, until the week before  State Fair, when she stopped by again. Of course she needs it by October 6th!

After I read through the pattern, I realized this is a fairly simple make, as pirate coats go, so I have taken this project on the road with me. During the State Fair I cut out the paper pattern, hoping to work on it Labor Day. No fabric glitches that, but when it did arrive this week, I parked it along on my latest trip. I will attempt to have the entire thing cut, marked and the first seams pinned when I get back home on Sunday night.

This is not the only thing I have had with me on the road. I have made excellent progress on my challenge wool projects, and have completed my Marfy coat…pictures are coming, I promise, I just need to be home long enough to actually feel like taking pictures!


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