State Fair To Do List

My job takes me to the South Dakota State Fair, where I have an interesting variety of jobs to keep me busy.  I’ll judge music projects on judging day, then put on the Horticulture skillathon contest, the Consumer Decision Making contest, and finally the Dog Skillathon, before heading home on Sunday. This year, I was very fortunate to have an intern that did much to help prepare for this week, so I am going to have some open evenings to work on stuff from home as well as some work related stuff for the week after Labor Day.


JOB 1 The wedding quilt, Romance and Roses is now finished and ready for sandwich mode. I won’t take it with me, but I am busy trying to plan out the quilting I will be doing. I need to keep it fairly simple so I can get it finished, so am thinking I’ll do some curvy diamonds in the two diamond borders, and maybe do meandering in the flower borders. For the blocks, I’m unsure…I am wondering about doing a little flower motif in the green block centers, but I haven’t come up with anything for the alternating blocks. My plan be is to do cinnamon roll swirls over each block. I think that would keep the focus on the piecework vs. the quilting, which would be a good thing since I am still in the novice stage.

JOB 2 Doing the research necessary to start cutting for Quilt 2. My inspiration came from imagethis beautiful quilt, which was wrought by a talented grandma, now deceased. She free handed the bordeimager, so I am on the hunt for appropriate sized flowers that have the same feel to them.

The inner blocks will be 8 inches finished, with a two inch sashing; at least that’s my plan right now. This bride has a flair for the dramatic and is more on the artsy side, so I think the border will be in black with very bright flowers. The inside will be scrappy, and more on the bright side than dark. This design is giving me some ideas for size and spacing. The tulip motif is not quite what I had in mind, but the buds and leaves could work really nicely, with maybe a few tulips and some other rose type flowers along with the buds.

JOB 3  MIWW Challenge–thanks everyone for some very creative ideas. I have decided to do a bias cut skirt with an invisible side zipper. It will be longer if possible, and I hope to add a matching messenger bag from a pattern I found on line. The goal is to cut out the skirt and bag before I come home. The navy in the skirt will go perfectly with my navy cardigan, so I am visualizing a completed outfit.

JOB 4 will await my return home.  I put on my Marfy coat, which is finished, to take photos, but when I noticed a funny pull of fabric. I’m going to have to rip the hem out and redo it. I think I got a little off when I was catch stitching the interfacing along the hem, and it is not hanging right. GRRRR! Amazingly, when on the hanger, it doesn’t show unless you are looking for it….the judge at the county fair said nothing on the comment sheet!  More about that when I can share some pictures…




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