MIWW Challenge

MIWW-that’s Make It With Wool. The MIWW Challenge is something unique to South Dakota, I think. Each year the state director chooses a piece of wool and anyone willing can accept the challenge to make something interesting and usable from the fabric. Since I already have a long plaid coat, and now my new tweed, I am not in the market for another coat adventure, at least not for awhile. So, I’ve been trying to determine just what I could do with this large scale Pendleton plaid (1 1/2 yards at 60 inches wide). A Messenger bag comes to mind, but do any of you have some ideas? When you look at this plaid, what do you see? Ideas please, and patterns too if you have something specific in mind.



13 thoughts on “MIWW Challenge

  1. Bias A-line skirt. And a matching clutch bag.
    I thought you had MIWW in several states, as there is a national final? The MIWW article is a returning feature in Threads magazine, and each year I look forward to finding out what the very talented sewers have made.


  2. Wool is in! And you have a very nice piece. When I look at that warm and fuzzy piece of fabric, I think of mittens and a scarf or even a hooked rug. But, you could always offer to have a wool swap and turn that into many different colors. A wool adventure so to speak!


    1. You guys are really getting my ideas flowing here! Can’t trade this one out, because it is the selected challenge for this year, but the hooked rug idea sounds wonderful for all my scraps from previous projects. Thanks!


  3. When I lived in the UK, I used to have a Burberry tweed pleated skirt in a fabric very much like this. I don’t have a pattern, but the pleats were stitched down to hip level, shaped to fit, and then swirled out. It was lined, just above knee length, and perfect with boots for winter weather.

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    1. I love pleated skirts, though I don’t think I’m up for it with this piece…not a lot of time before it must be finished, but maybe I’ll do a quick drape and see how inspired I get. 🙂


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