Is It Finished Yet?

Have you ever misjudged how much is left to do on a garment, thinking you are nearly done, only to realize you have an entire list things to complete after the major sewing is done? I’ve been thinking about all the little things that will need to be done, so I decided to make a checklist, mostly to keep my excitement at bay until I was appropriately close to the actual completion. And, I’ll be honest, I would like to enter it in the county fair…the checklist will keep me motivated, I hope.

So, what’s on the finish list?  image

A. Lining seam finishes-I was annoyed to discover that the lining material is very springy, as in seams not staying open, so the lining had to be catch stitched down. This has taken several days because I am in my final two weeks of camp, so the schedule is a little off kilter, especially during the current session.

B. The martingale-The buttonhole facings must be cut and finished, then it can be attached to the coat back via the buttons. A perfect take along job that I’ll throw in my briefcase.

imageC. Construct shoulder pads and fit-I have a nifty pattern with a wide variety of shoulder pads, but they need to be constructed. Thankfully I have lots of batting scraps that are perfect for this job. I’m using view 2 from Simplicity 7021. There’s quite a few available on Etsy, etc. It’s really nice to have your own pattern instead of having to buy them. It is easy to adjust the amount of shape by changing to a thinner batting, or removing a layer.  image



At first look, the shoulder pads looked pretty bulky, but as you can see from the photo below, they really make the coat hang nicely. It was a relief to put the coat on with all the layers, and being able to see that yes the muslin was correct and it did fit!


D. Attach the lining to the coat-I did this by machine, but added a piping trim ala Karen at Fifty Dresses, since  something I have on hand would work. Now that the sleeves are set in, this should be  straightforward task. image

Maybe machine wasn’t the very best option, but the flat piping is a nice extra, and it is pretty even. Doing it by hand would have made it perfect, but I’m OK with this one. The black piping is a little difficult to see, but it is there none the less.

E. Coat hems (2 sleeves and the bottom)-no surprises on this, I hope! The coat hem is pressed and basted, and just needs some horse hair to finish the job. Ugh! I used every bit of my horse hair, so had to use some stiff sew-in interfacing instead. Some days I hate living in the relative sticks…the good news, the hems are crisp, but don’t feel too stiff.


F. Lining hems (2 sleeves and the bottom)-the rest of the double feature…

G. Button facings cut and finished, button holes opened-one of my least favorite jobs, but it has to be done.

About here is when I can begin to get excited!!

H. Attach buttons-does anyone else ever stress about correct button placement?

I. Determine snap placement on inside if necessary and attach-this was an oopsy on my part. I think I forgot a buttonhole that should have constructed on the offside of the coat. What would you do? Add a machine buttonhole in said location, or use one of those big (as in 1/4 inch) coat snaps?

And, finally, my Marfy coat adventure will be complete!

I’ve divided the steps for this project and the wedding quilt so that I can alternate a little bit. Sometimes a list helps me stay on task, especially if there are items I’m not real excited about. I do this at work, when house cleaning…instead of stalling as I decide what’s next, I just do the next item. Hopefully, it will make for a VERY productive weekend that continues into the next week!



9 thoughts on “Is It Finished Yet?

    1. Mixing the coat and quilt lists, and keeping the steps small has been a great way to get through the last two weeks with camp. I’ve been able to get one or two items done session, and if I’m not excited about the quilt, I’m motivated to finish that step so I can do a coat step, etc… 🙂 thanks for stopping by!


    1. Oh thank you! I am always surprised at how “big” they seem until you put them in and the jacket/coat suddenly looks finished! Next week is fair here in my area, it will be fun to see the creativity of the kiddos!

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