SAL Update # 2 July 24

I am so pleased to join this group of stitchers working on some beautiful projects. And, they don’t just stitch, they do all sorts of other amazing things too, so go visit their blogs as well. During my “tour” I saw quilts, sewing, sculpting, crocheting, all sorts of amazing things. It made me smile and inspired me as well.

So, here’s where I was…


and here’s where I am now!


It’s slow going, only working on this at lunch, but the light in my office is excellent, and it gives me a welcome break from 4-H summer craziness.

Go visit these new friends, and be inspired!

AvisClaireGunCaroleWendyLucyAnnKateJessSueConstanzeDebbierose, Christina, Susan


14 thoughts on “SAL Update # 2 July 24

  1. So beautiful! I really love the little cottage ❤ I’ve never stitched on anything but 18 count and would love to stitch something like that one day. Great progress!

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    1. I actually find this easier, because it feels like a larger size Aida, but because of the finer thread count overall, the finished project has a little different look, a little more refined, maybe. Thanks for checking in!

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