Speed Quilting Required

In my last quilting post, I introduced my new project, a wedding gift for my youngest daughter’s best friend. I was planning to work steadily and expected to have it completed in time for the October 1 nuptials. Fast forward to July 1, and oldest daughter’s other best friend announces she is engaged! When’s the wedding? October 15 or 22. The only person more stressed than me is the  mother. Yes, you read correctly, the brides are sisters…this family is going to host TWO weddings in the same month! So now my stress has been put into perspective, yikes!

However, I still have two quilts to attempt to complete before the end of October, so it is time to turn on the speed! Thankfully, I had a week off  work that didn’t turn into a camping trip, so I spent it sewing almost non stop. The Romance and Roses quilt is moving along. The green blocks are finished, all 77 of them!imageThe second block is simpler, and rendered in four or five color groupings. So far, the gold, purple, blue and cranberry groups are complete.

The final group will be on the pale pink side. I found some pinks that look nice with the cranberry, so hopefully it will work.

imageYesterday, a sewing break came in the form of tracing templates on to freezer paper for the appliqués. There were 400 of those little guys in all. 😳  I plan to take a few with me to work on over the lunch hour until I am done with the piecing. I will machine appliqué the stems, but am planning to do the flowers by hand, or maybe not!

The appliqué templates are all cut out, and basting glue purchased, so now I have a couple of things to work on when I get tired of sewing seams. Hang in there Marfy coat, I’ll get back to you real soon, I promise!image



4 thoughts on “Speed Quilting Required

    1. Right now, I am just focusing on getting as much done as possible each day! An hour early in the morning and a couple each evening during the week and as much as possible on the weekend. My house might be a little dusty, but it doesn’t seem to mind….😊


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