Garden Hodgepodge

I’m not a huge plant person. I have an iris border that reminds me of my Grandma and Mom, a planter that gets a packet on pansy seeds every 3-4 years, and a fortress in the back yard for the vegetable garden. We are on city water, so the only thing that gets watered are the vegetables…the lawn has to rely on rain, and it is a wimpy Kentucky bluegrass instead of a sturdy South Dakota grama or buffalo grass, so it always looks dry. Especially next to my neighbors with the Better Homes & Gardens designer yard. (They have a well….)

We’ve had a dry summer so things are looking tough from the street, but the fortress is starting to look promising.   We call it that because of the 8 foot high fence around it…the deer around here must be part reindeer, a six foot fence is nothing to them!

This is not the main reason for this silly post, however. Actually,  I have embarked on a plant adventure that is quite odd for me. I am quite adapt at killing house plants, and our garden is managed by my dear husband who is the plant expert. So, here’s the big announcement:image

I made lemon curd a few weeks ago, and planted the seeds in a pot, AND 2 SEEDS SPROUTED!! WHAT?! Not only that, while I was gone on a 4- H trip a week later, they kept growing! I am so excited! My logical self is thinking, duh-of course they grew, why is this a big deal.However, the rest of me is taking pictures and announcing to the blog world that I have 2 baby lemon trees!!

I guess new life in any form is always exciting. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Garden Hodgepodge

    1. Lemon curd is pretty non existent here in South Dakota, so you have to make your own. Long ago there was a British lady that had a tea shop, and she served it. Otherwise, I would never have known the wonders of it!


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