Wedding Quilt

Wedding Quilt

Best friends are a special gift, and my two daughters, now officially adults, were blessed with several such girls growing up. I long ago determined that those girls would receive a wedding quilt when they married. Yes, I enjoy sewing, so that’s part of it, but I love the opportunity to pray for each girl, her fiancé, and their marriage as I work on their gift. I hope that it will provide for their practical need of warmth, but that it will also remind them of the beauty that comes from making do with what you have and that gifts of the heart are always a good idea. Hopefully, they will eventually learn and appreciate the life lessons that the quilt embodies, and pass them on to others.

With only three girls falling in the best friend category, I do not have an insurmountable task before me, just a great challenge. I have determined that all the quilts will be of the scrap variety, and each one will contain traditional piece work and appliqué. The first friend married last April, and her quilt top had been sitting in my cedar chest for a couple of years. The quilting was a huge challenge, but I learned and grew more confident with that project.

Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for another pattern, and found the perfect one in a Kim Diehl book last summer. It was a lap size, so I worked on the conversion over the winter and picked up two main fabrics and a few tone on tone neutrals during a basement sale at the Quilt Connection in January. My rendition will be less ‘busy’ as my neutrals are very subtle, and larger, with 144 of the pieced blocks.


I started cutting strips and rectangles this winter, but got side tracked by a few other weddings, so had left the quilt box sitting for much of this spring. June changed all that, when the young man finally popped the question!! October 1 looms as the deadline for said project, and I don’t know if I’ll make it or not! I got serious about cutting during a recent week off from work, and Miss A, my youngest, has volunteered to work on it with me. Boy does that warm a mom’s sewing heart!!


The actual piecing began earlier this week, and I’m pleased to have the inside of the 54 light green blocks completed. We are on our way!


The next step is a rectangle with little triangles in the corners, which I knew would have to be sped up. Instead of marking each triangle and then sewing it, I decided to mark my machine.


This has allowed some serious progress during an hour stint one morning, and I am hoping the trend continues.


I spent some time measuring and trimming after this step, and it was well worth it. The final effort will be squaring these blocks to 6 1/2 inche, all 54 of them.




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