A Coat Takes Shape

A Coat Takes Shape

At long last, my Marfy 3219 is transforming from a bunch of fabric pieces into an actual garment! There’s still a long ways to go, but I am finally able to hang my coat from a hanger. It appears that I may reach my goal of having it ready for MIWW after all.


After struggling with how to construct the pockets, the back and side seams were so straight forward. I hand basted the sleeves in, with an extra baste to ease in the fullness at the sleeve cap, and they are laying very nicely, even before their press. Two sleeves setting in well is always a welcome event! I have also completed the martingale, though I’m wondering if I should cut and face it’s bound buttonholes, or leave them closed…opinions?


The next section will be the tab and collar. I haven’t quite decided how I want to handle the tab facing; it will form the stand for the collar, and likely be next to my skin, so I am debating about changing out the wool for either the lining or some cotton that matches the wool. While I love wool, it gives me a rash, so it seems wise to do something preventive. I’ll be considering my options while I catch stitch interfacing and do some pad stitching on the under collar. While it may not be as necessary with the tab serving as a collar stand, I think the collar will likely lay better with a little pad stitching.

So, if anyone has any previous experience or opinions to offer on the tab facing fabric, I would be glad to hear them.

It’s exciting to think that I will soon be basting lambswool to the lining fabric. Good thing because my daughter’s best friend (her story is here) is now engaged and we have a quilt to complete for the October 1 wedding.  I’m going to alternate between the two, hoping that will inspire me, and keep things rolling.

Until next time,




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