Pocket Blues

I am finally sewing real seams! There has been so much prep work with this project, I was beginning to think I might be working on this in July. That is a tad dramatic…having a couple of Saturdays without major events got me back in my sewing room, and making some real headway. Have I mentioned how much I love working with wool? Amazing stuff! Pressing seams is so satisfying because they behave so well; no springing back and causing trouble. I love it!

My first pocket is looking great….that is until I started to attach it to the side seam. I have four layers of worsted here, and I’m feeling quite humbled at the moment. That, and the need to work on wedding gifts has stopped me in my tracks. First I considered that maybe I needed to sew the facings, separate, but now I’m thinking I need to stick with my original plan so sewing through all thicknesses.


I have scowered the Internet looking for any instructions for a similar pocket application, and I’m finding nothing.  I guess I’ll think about a few more days before I try anything. If anyone has ideas, I am all ears!




4 thoughts on “Pocket Blues

  1. I think it is looking beautiful! When you trim the seams inside, make sure you graduate them to reduce bulk (you probably have already done this). Also, Iots of steam helps, too! I agree, wool is a delight to work with!


    1. Aww, thanks Karen! No grading yet, until I decide whether or not to rip out the topstitching and sew the pocket in that way. I was sure that was the solution, until I looked at it this morning, and then thought maybe not. More contemplation maybe. 🙂


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